👑 2023 Highlight Reel

How to get ready for a strong 2024

What’s up, Hustlers! 

Time is flying. We've got less than two weeks left in 2023. Can you believe it?

As the year wraps up, I like to dive into reflection and set the stage for a new mantra. What’s on repeat for this next season of my life? “I'm not done yet.”

Watch out, 2024—we’re just getting started.

Xx Robin

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Have you ever made a mental movie reel? It’s a powerful mental strength exercise that will help you visualize your full potential. 💥

I developed the mental movie reel exercise when I started training for marathons, but this technique can be useful in everyday life, too. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Remember some of the biggest challenges you've conquered and the accomplishments you've achieved in the past year.

  2. Write down 2–3 instances, and be as detailed as possible. Draw a mental image—visualize what you were wearing, who you were with, and your surroundings. I recommend revisiting the scenario in both the first and third person. The specificity triggers a powerful emotional response, reconnecting you to the experience and reinforcing your strength.

  3. Practice visualizing these moments of strength and resilience before you go to bed or whenever you need a confidence boost. At first it may feel odd, but it takes practice. These victories reinforce your ability to turn pain into power.

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Reflection is a powerful tool for transformation. It’s a way to get to know ourselves better and lean into life’s lessons. That’s why I’m taking the time today to look back on the biggest, brightest, most influential moments of 2023. Tons to be grateful for, including having y’all here. 🙏

My favorite pinch-me moments:

My favorite family moments:

My favorite strength moments:

My favorite empire-building moments:

Question: How do you prioritize your self care during the holidays?

— Ali

Answer: I just did a collab with parenting expert Dr. Becky Kennedy talking about just this. Here’s my take:

First: I use my no to protect my yes. There is no room for a mediocre yes this season. Everything should be a hell yes, or else it’s a no. I also loved Dr. Becky’s POV: “Saying no to someone else is saying yes to myself.”

Second: I ask for help from the most important stakeholders in my life. I tell my loved ones how they can support me in relentlessly pursuing my priorities and protecting my peace. It’s a team effort!

Third: I get a reality check. That means bending so I don’t break. I do my best to release my idea of what something must be and instead take bite-sized, consistent moments that’ll help me get where I’m going.

— Robin

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Thanks for reading, Hustlers. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday season, and remember…you’re doing a great job.

I’ll see you next week for a fun one. In the meantime, go out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

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