🎁 The Pivot’s 2023 Gift Guide

Holiday gifts to step up your game

What’s up, Hustlers! 

I’m kicking off holiday celebrations with an inspired gift guide today. Pop on a Hallmark movie, make some 5-minute vegan hot cocoa, and get ready to hit “add to cart.” Let’s do this!

Xx Robin


I love giving my friends and family thoughtful gifts that really speak to them at the holidays: things that spark resilience and joy, empower them to crush their goals, and fill their pantries with delicious vegan treats. 

Here are the gifts I love to both give and receive this time of year. Happy Holidays, fam!


Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar. I use this holy grail facial product daily for lymphatic drainage. It depuffs and sculpts…and who doesn’t want that?

Personalized Book Nook. I love this cute idea for the readers in my circle (all of them!).

Confectionery Soaps Co. These are my all-time fave seasonal candles and bath soaps/gels.

Slip sleep mask. I use this every. single. night. Can’t sleep without it! And love all the colors and prints.

So cute!


Spoonful of Comfort. This soup delivery service is such a cozy gift…because sometimes homemade Queen Cuisine has to take a back seat. This is the next best thing.

Brightland olive oil. Such a chic host gift—delicious AND useful!

Tom’s Perfect 10 granola with some protein yogurt makes an irresistible breakfast. I like giving food gifts like this that are premium and unique…things someone will love but wouldn’t always buy themselves.

Coconut Cult yogurt is magic. Who doesn’t love a treat that is plant-based, tasty, AND has functional health benefits?

Loisa Flavor Trio Combo. A big part of the holidays for me is about coming together with my fam over food—I love doing it with clean, Latin ingredients that we can feel good about. Use code ROBIN20 for 20% off!

A Queen Cuisine game changer


Polaroid Lab Instant Printer. Print out your phone pics as Polaroids—perfect for the fridge magnets and for your 2024 vision board. 😎

Aura Frame. This is the best thing we have in our home. We have ours in the living room and it stokes memories and conversation all the time.

Bebé Fuerte. Gifting for a new parent or a little one? Bebé Fuerte promotes movement for all ages. 💪 (Available on Walmart or Amazon)

My two favorite toy testers

Framebridge Ornament Duo. I have been gifting Drew these for a few years and it's the best memento!


Where Should We Begin card game from Esther Perel. I played this at a dinner at Arianna Huffington’s house and it led to the most incredible convo. Play with your crew if you’re looking to get deeper!

The best group activity

Welcome, Hustler Empowerment Journal. This is one of the most personal things I have shared with y’all—it’s the prompts and quotes I use in my own journaling practice. If you have a loved one who wants to realize their dreams…this journal is a doorway.

Swagger Pass Membership. Come join me in the Swagger Society private app! It's a space where I can share more personal moments, insights, and thoughts. Plus, I can chat directly with fellow hustlers who are all about leveling up.

Question: How do you get out of your head? I struggle with insecurities. I'm 45 and starting a new path (as a personal trainer). Sometimes I feel that I'm not “good enough.” Any advice?

— Carola

Answer: First, way to start something new! You should be proud of yourself for being brave enough to PIVOT and forge a new path—you are an inspiration.

Perfectionism and self-doubt can suffocate your potential and perception of your accomplishments, though. When I feel myself second guessing the decisions I’ve made or risks I’ve taken, I try to zoom out and ask myself: “Is this still in alignment with the story I want to tell, even if it doesn’t go perfectly to plan?” 

It helps me combat everything from mom guilt to failures. Zooming out lets you take stock of all the things past you wished for that present you might take for granted (hello, gratitude!). And it allows you to ask whether what’s bugging you right now is going to bug you forever…usually, the answer is no.

— Robin

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My fam just got back to NYC. We had the best week in London seeing the sights, enjoying family time, and eating tons of delicious food thanks to the recs you shared on IG! Here’s a lineup of the best vegan spots in London, submitted by all of you!

  1. Mildreds - Vegan cafe that was SO good 

  2. Mallow - Vegan cafe 

  3. Plants by DE - Vegan cafe (noticing a trend?)

  4. Farmacy - Brunch 

  5. Dishoom - Indian food 

  6. Wulf & Lamb - Vegan comfort food

  7. Tendril - Mostly vegan cafe & bar 

  8. Cross Town Donuts - Vegan matcha donuts (yum!)

  9. Gauthier - Fine dining 

  10. The Ivy - Fine dining

Thanks for planning our meals for us, Hustlers! Owe you one 😉

Here’s your friendly reminder to get moving today! If you’re doing #3for31 with me, you’re five days into the best month ever. If you’re just seeing this, it’s not too late to jump in. Here’s how:

  1. Download or screenshot the calendar tracker below.  

  2. Walk, jog, or run 3 miles or move for 30 minutes every day in December. 💪 

  3. At the end of the month, post your completed tracker in-feed on Instagram. Tag @robinNYC and @SwaggerSociety on Instagram using #3for31 (and complete 31 days for the chance to win a one-year Swagger Pass; details on swaggersociety.io!). 👑 

Thanks for reading, Hustlers. Happy gifting! Remember to get out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

Got feedback? Hit reply and tell me what you think…I’m always looking to level up.