👑 How to stay consistent (even when traveling!)

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What’s up, Hustlers! 

What do you have now that you used to wish for?

Your answers should fill you with gratitude.

After an incredible trip to Puerto Rico with my family, I am replaying this question in my head and reminding myself to appreciate every moment.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, so let's grab today with both hands.

Xx Robin

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The most amazing trip to Puerto Rico. My fam and I just got back from our stay at the St. Regis at Bahia Beach, and it was pure magic! We have been fans of St. Regis since our Maldives honeymoon, and this trip was one of our absolute favorites. Each restaurant surpassed our expectations with incredible plant-based meals, and the service and accommodations were both thoughtful and top-notch. It was truly special. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • Celebrating Athena's birthday with a poolside dance party. 💃 

  • Riding E-Foils, a Puerto Rican invention, on the lake with Drew. 🏄‍♀️ 

  • Waking up to the sound of coquis. ☀️ 

  • Lounging by the pool with "Ninth House" – my latest obsession. 📖 

  • Enjoying a relaxing cold plunge at the spa.  

  • Feeding fish and farm animals with Athena at the Nature Center. 🐠 

  • Switching up my workout routine with beautiful trail and beach runs. 🌊 

  • Celebrating our anniversary with the most amazing dinner by Chef Danny Lledó. The BEET Wellington was next level! 🍽️ 

One major highlight was being able to bring Atlas to Puerto Rico for the first time, back to his roots. I am grateful to have partnered with Marriott on this amazing vacation. Thank you, St. Regis. We'll be back soon! 🇵🇷 

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Consistency. Traveling, especially for vacation, is great, but it can also throw a curveball into your usual routine. Workouts? They often take a backseat. Consistency is the key to staying on track. Here are a few ways I prioritize consistency, even when I’m on the go:

  1. Write it down ✏️ Jot down specific and realistic goals that you can focus on while you are traveling. Having a roadmap for what you want to achieve can keep you moving towards your goals.

  2. Plan for it 📆 Add your workouts to your calendar. Schedule them like you would a meeting.

  3. Bend so you don't break 🤸‍♀️ Stay nimble in your workout execution. Give yourself the freedom to change your plan, but keep showing up. Don’t fall into the all-or-nothing mentality.

  4. Zoom out and think about the goal 🎯 Maybe when traveling it’s not a PR...it’s to continue investing in your mental and physical health.

  5. Adjust your expectations 🌴 If you're on vacation, live a little. As long as the indulgence is temporary, you'll get back on track!


Chickpea protein wraps. As y’all know, I always travel with #pursesnacks. One of my favorites for a longer trip is a chickpea and protein-filled wrap. It’s bangin’ and simple. Here’s all you need:

  1. In a large bowl, throw together sturdy veggies that can hold up to being out of the fridge. I used romaine, cabbage and cucumbers.

  2. Add in chickpeas, yogurt (I used chkp), crunchy mung beans, basil, black pepper and Green Goddess seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

  3. Use a piece of romaine as a layer in the tortilla to absorb any moisture from the yogurt or chickpeas, so the tortillas don’t break in transit.

  4. Place the chickpea salad mixture onto your lettuce and wrap it up!

  5. **Pro tip: Use the bag from the tortillas as the transport (my abuela would be proud)! Throw in some napkins and you’re ready to go.

🥬 🌯  


Arnold Schwarzenegger. While traveling, I binged Arnold's Pump Club podcast. The podcast episodes are just 5-10 minutes, but are packed with interesting studies, practical tips, and uplifting stories. I’m all for that brevity. In a recent episode, Arnold shared studies discussing the benefits of forming healthy food habits and outlined ways to become a better runner. (Guess what? It involves lifting heavy weights!)

Question: How can we inspire others around us?

— Christina

Answer: If you're asking that question, chances are you're already doing it. We inspire others not just by talking the talk but by walking the walk. It's about embodying the values you believe in. It's about preaching what we practice, not just practicing what we preach. Living authentically, in accordance with our values, isn't always easy. But in doing so, we naturally can become sources of inspiration to those around us.

I'm constantly inspired by you all and the amazing members of the Swagger Society community. Big news – the Swagger team just rolled out the new Swagger Pass with a monthly membership option. If you're on the lookout for a dose of inspiration from other like-minded hustlers, check out a behind-the-scenes look at the Swagger Society private app. 💪

- Robin

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I’m re-releasing my first book, “Shut Up and Run” 👟 

I originally wrote “Shut Up and Run” in 2016, so it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then. This new paperback edition features a fresh cover, new photos, my favorite playlists, and updated content.

In 2016 my mantra was “shut up and run.” Now, my mantra is “I’m not done yet,” and I’m committed to remaining curious and writing the next chapter.

You can pre-order this new edition of “Shut Up and Run” now, and it will hit shelves on May 7th!

Thanks for reading, Hustlers. Go out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

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