👑 Lessons learned as a mom of two

Plus: It's the Summer of Swagger!

What’s up, Hustlers! 

You are so much stronger than you think you are.

"Why Not Me?" is a question I ask myself every day.

Why not be the fastest, strongest, smartest, kindest, most powerful, best version of yourself?

Celebrate your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and always strive to be better. Remember, bit by bit goes a long way.

Xx Robin

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Life lessons learned as a mom of two. 👩‍🍼 Motherhood has taught me that I am resilient and that there is always more to learn. In this article with People en Español, I shared some of the insights I've gained from being a mom of two. ⬇️

  1. Use your “no”: Saying "no" to the endless kid activities and events is crucial for maintaining balance and reducing stress. Saying “no” allows us to protect our "yeses" for what’s truly important.

  2. Find activities for the whole fam: Find activities that everyone can enjoy, like picnics, park walks, and movie nights. This way, we don’t rely solely on kids’ activities and keep the whole fam balanced and happy.

  3. Lean on a support system: Accepting help from loved ones is essential for managing home and work responsibilities effectively. Seeking support takes courage, not weakness, and helps maintain a busy household and career.

  4. Prioritize self-care: Getting enough sleep, socializing with friends, and spending time with Drew, is crucial for my well-being. This makes us better parents and partners, ensuring we stay focused, happy, and attentive.


The Summer of Swagger ☀️ This summer, I'm challenging you to combine gratitude with swagger in every moment, big or small. Small moments make big memories, so let's celebrate all the little things and look back on an epic summer!

How to participate in the #SummerofSwagger:

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  • Complete all the prompts for a chance to win a 12-month Swagger Pass (details on @swaggersociety).

  • Share the Summer of Swagger challenge with your friends!

Let’s do this, Hustlers. I can’t wait to hear from you and see your moments of gratitude this summer. ☀️

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Matcha and journaling ☕️ When I first started journaling, it wasn't the easiest habit to stick with and, to be honest, felt a little uncomfortable. But the more consistent I became, the more natural it felt. If you’re looking to revamp your journaling practice, here’s a prompt to try this week. ⬇️ 

👉🏽 Write down a story about yourself that no longer serves you. For example, I used to tell myself that I wasn’t a runner. What’s an old story you are releasing yourself from?

When I’m journaling, I'm drinking Pique's Sun Goddess Matcha. Most people are surprised to know I don't drink coffee. Instead, I'm all about tea. My favorite? Matcha, hands down. I love the taste, and studies show it packs a strong nutritional punch. Pique’s Sun Goddess Matcha is my go-to because the caffeine and L-theanine (a calming ingredient) give me sustained energy throughout the day. #ad

Question: What suggestions do you have to help a queen pick her self back up and get inspired again?

— Stacey

Answer: We all fall down at some point in life. It's okay to have setbacks. Treat yourself with kindness. Self-love is key to bouncing back stronger.

I've found these tools helpful to reignite inspiration after a setback:

📔 Inspirational Notes: Place a note on your mirror, night table, or desk with words and imagery that speak to you. It might seem cheesy at first, but trust me, it works. The mind responds to visual cues.

⏰ Mantra Alarms: Change the title of your cell phone alarm to a motivating mantra like “Do Epic Shit.” Whatever resonates with you, give yourself an extra push the minute you wake up.

💥 Vision Boards: Create a vision board and look at it every single day. Remind yourself of the life you’re working towards and what it takes to get there.

You've got this, Queen! Keep pushing forward, and remember that every step, no matter how small, is progress.


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“I’m not done yet” 😤 This weekend, I competed in HYROX - my first strength competition in almost two years. Being around all the HYROX hustlers and feeling the support of my family and friends lit my fire. I'm out here to live by my north star: to do epic shit. And let me tell you, I’m not done yet.

With consistency and hustle, we all have the strength to turn dreams into reality. What’s your next epic move?

Familia by Parents. I recently chatted with Familia by Parents to discuss my journey since joining Peloton, the lessons learned from my mom, my current family mantra, and even some of my favorite music inspo. 🎶 

Latina Style Magazine. Running remains a consistent outlet for me, even after becoming a mother and joining Peloton. I shared with Latina Style how I want to inspire women everywhere, especially those who may not see themselves in the racing world, to embrace self-love and movement as pathways to peace and empowerment. 💪 

Thanks for reading, Hustlers. Go out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

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