👑 Build confidence with these tips

Plus: A sandwich that slays

What’s up, Hustlers! 

How do you talk to yourself?

Is it how you would talk to a friend?

If not, change the narrative. The conversation between your ears is a catalyst for action.

You have a choice in what you say to yourself. Let’s make it supportive, forgiving and kind.

Xx Robin

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How to build confidence. Confidence is a side effect of hustle. It's not just a state of mind, it's a byproduct of action. Confidence is achieved by diving headfirst into challenges with a gritty work ethic, moving towards your self-defined version of success.

Here are some tools to help build confidence as you hustle towards your goals. ⬇️ 

  1. Movement 👟 I started to build my confidence through running. I was my favorite self when I was in the process of achieving my goals. Now, deadlifting heavy barbells gives me the confidence to walk into any room and slay.

  2. Remember your victories 🏅 Every win, big or small, jot it down. Remind yourself of what you're capable of. Let those successes fuel your fire.

  3. Admit when you don’t know 💭 Embrace vulnerability. Acknowledging what you don't know is a sign of strength and willingness to learn. It can pave the way for growth and ultimately boost your confidence.


The Easiest Sandwich. This sandwich is one of my all-time favorites – it's packed with veggies and protein, plus it tastes 🔥. It's the perfect meal or snack. Here's my go-to recipe, but let me know how you make it your own!

  1. Toast a slice of sourdough bread or heavy, whole grain bread until golden brown and crisp.

  2. Drizzle 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil and 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar on the bread.

  3. Spread a few tbs of mashed chickpeas onto the bread. Then, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a pinch of oregano for added flavor.

  4. Layer on chopped onion, mint leaves, and either parsley or microgreens for a burst of freshness and crunch.

  5. Squeeze the juice from half a tomato over the sandwich and add sliced tomato pieces on top.

  6. Add another slice of toasted bread on top, and enjoy! 🥪 


The Optimal Body podcast. In this important conversation on perimenopausal training, Dr. Stacy Sims breaks down the complexities of nutrition and exercise during and around menopause. She shares insights into hormonal changes, their effects on our bodies, and offers practical advice for navigating this phase of life. If you are wondering how to optimize your nutrition and training as a female, listen to this podcast. ⬇️ 

Question: What tips would you offer someone who is scared to take risks because of the fear of failure?

- Elaine

Answer: I welcome failure as a tool in my toolkit. Failure builds resilience. Reframe failure as a stepping stone to growth rather than a roadblock. Here are a few tips to help you navigate that fear ⬇️ 

- Start small: Each small victory builds confidence and prepares you for bigger challenges.

- Shift your perspective: Instead of viewing failure as a bad thing, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

- Lean on your wolfpack: Surround yourself with a network of friends, family, or mentors who can offer guidance and support.

- Celebrate your courage: Being brave enough to actually have experiences where you fail is a critical part of growth and will give you the confidence to keep moving forward. Celebrate it!

Chin up, crown on 👑 

— Robin

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Thanks for reading, Hustlers. Go out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

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