👑 Focus > fear

Plus: how to optimize your reading practice

What’s up, Hustlers! 

Ever feel like life's throwing a million things your way, and you're not sure where, when, or how to start?

Trust me, I've been there. What helps me is to focus. I believe focus is the antidote to fear and the catalyst for change. When we zero in on what's in front of us, we can take one step at a time and things don't seem as daunting anymore.

Focus can take the charge out of fear. Let’s lock in, together.

Xx Robin

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Welcome to a new section in The Pivot I’m calling “Hustler Habits.” Here, I'll be sharing the routines, habits, and strategies I use to elevate and optimize my own daily hustle.

My first Hustler Habit: How to get into a good reading practice

  1. Put your book on your pillow after making your bed in the morning. Keeping a book easily accessible minimizes points of friction, making it a simple choice to read before going to sleep. 🛏️ 

  2. Always travel with a book, whether it’s across the country or across town. Make it a no brainer to reach for your book instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone. 🧳 

  3. Forget the idea of what you think reading should look like. It doesn’t have to be 50 pages a night—it could be one page a day. 📖 

  4. Don’t feel pressured to finish a book. If you don’t like it, you can move on to something else. Personally, I give a book 50 pages to grab my attention. If I’m not loving it by page 51, it’s back on the shelf. 📚️ 

Need new book inspiration? The Swagger Society book club is reading Hidden Potential by Adam Grant this month.

How is your reading practice shaping up so far in 2024?

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This week, I whipped up my delicious (and multipurpose) veggie scramble for the fam. Everyone loved it! Here’s my super quick recipe:

  1. Throw the kitchen sink of veggies in a pan—I used cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, chickpeas, and pickled onions. I also added tofu for extra protein.

  2. Season your stir fry with sea salt, rosemary, garlic, pepper, and the secret ingredient: Marmite.

  3. Serve your stir fry however you like—over rice or quinoa, as a topping for salads, or rolled up in tortillas (my personal favorite: La Tortilla Factory protein tortillas).

Enjoy! 🧑‍🍳


Aarthi and Sriram’s episode on becoming a good manager. I loved listening to my friends, Aarthi and Sriram, cover the highs and lows of becoming a leader in your work and life—answering tough questions, taking on more responsibility, and setting the tone for your team. Check it out here.


All of YOU! Last month, I shared my tips for building a mental movie reel. Y’all delivered on the inspiration by sharing your 2-3 moments of strength and resilience from 2023. Here are a few incredible highlights:

  • “I bumped up strength workouts to at least three times a week, cycled at least fives times a week, and I’m going to college as a full-time student to finally complete my degree.” —Jennifer

  • “After a deep dive and inventory of what I truly value and what I want my life to look like, I decided to leave my current industry and go back to school to become a Registered Nurse. I’ve not yet accomplished my degree, but I keep visualizing myself as a nurse to help me achieve this goal.” —Michelle

  • “Having my first pregnancy and giving birth to my son, while being a kick ass lawyer and first time manager to a team at work—and moving my family twice to different states all during the last 12 months.” —Kayla

I joined my Good Morning America fam last week to talk all things Quitters Day, aka the second Friday in January when most people abandon their New Year's resolutions.

Check out my tips for wiping Quitters Day off your calendar for good. We’ve got this!

Thanks for reading, Hustlers. See you next week for another look into the superhero toolkit. 👑

In the meantime, go out there, pivot with power, and stay curious about what’s next.

Xx Robin Arzón

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